Pastor Dennis Broadway Bio

Dennis Broadway
President & Founder

Dennis Broadway, was born on July 12, 1959 in Monroe Louisiana. In 1978 I graduated fro
m high school and was awarded scholarship to play football Alcorn University in Mississippi. Unfortunately, my football career was cut short by injury in the October 1978.  In 1983 I married the love of my life Vernita Broadway, who have been by my side, doing that time we have three daughters and six grandchildren.   I join the United States Army where I served from 1978 to 1984. I received an honorable discharge.  My career in civilian life as it was Army in until 2014 was in offset printing.

I left my church where I served for five years on the Usher board to join a Nondenominational , Bible teaching church in Richardson, Texas in the fall of 1999. I was taken under the wing of the pastor and disciple, ordained as a deacon then later becoming an elder in the year 2005. When I was ordained as a minster I was moved with compassion for the unchurched and common people in general place. While I was working in a blue-collar environment I began to share the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching them in common places such as restaurants, homes visits, in the workplace.  In 2007 I was inspired to give this work a name: Mind of Christ Ministry.  Mind of Christ Ministry became official with the State of Texas in 2012. Mind of Christ ministries is a nondenominational, Bible teaching church , and our focus is on evangelism.  Our mission statement at Mind of Christ is to minister to people where they are, that they may have an opportunity to know the love of Jesus Christ, the name mind of Christ ministry and vision comes from Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”. Our vision is to have the Mind of Christ both word indeed, simply not looking to have a reputation, putting God’s word and will first and foremost, simply put, looking to decrease that Christ may increase. We feel at Mind of Christ Ministries, the most important mission is the salvation of mankind. So Christ came, he gave his life .

My desire is to fill the great commission of Jesus Christ and we have begun that in 2015 by taking a trip to East Africa in Kenya. There we supported orphans and also confirming in our visit that a real need exists, we are surely inspired to continue this work. There in Africa like in our own community in North Texas we were really like to reach out not only to the young adults but to families as well. We have been given an opportunity as a provider through “Together in Texas”, which is a premarital counseling program. Through this program we see the need to develop programs for ongoing relationship, to help young adults and their struggles with their marriages and their children. We pray that as time passes reality and spirituality will intersect them with the right counseling and guidance and they would come to know the love of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.